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Not all services need to be checked annually, some need it more often than that. Why not start by finding out where you stand on compliance now? Use our handy compliance checkers:

Important new BESA guidance on fire damper testing

Be one of the first to be aware of important news regarding the maintenance of fire and smoke dampers from the Building & Engineering Association (BESA).

Will your grease extract post clean reports protect you?

BESA has released a technical bulletin to inform members of the key points that should be included in a Post Clean Report (PCR) to comply with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 and TR/19.

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Use our handy compliance checkers to determine whether you comply at the moment, or need help fast.


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Sector by Sector Support

Swiftclean offers sector specific support. Find out how our team of experts can support you in the sector you operate in:

Facilities Management

Swiftclean provide specialist services for Facilities Managers including legionella control, kitchen extract fire safety cleaning, fire damper testing, ventilation system and duct cleaning. Facilities managers have multiple responsibilities and have to be aware of and comply with a wide range of rules, regulations and client-imposed performance measures. Swiftclean can provide a one-stop shop for key safety-related compliance in building services, as well as detailed compliance reports via our online portal.

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Care Homes

Running a care home presents plenty of building services compliance challenges, some of which it is wise to outsource to a professional specialist. Swiftclean provide an expert service for legionella control, kitchen extract fire safety cleaning, ventilation system and ductwork cleaning in addition to testing, cleaning and maintenance of fire dampers. We also provide all required compliance documentation via our online portal.

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Education is a field which has a heavy duty of care towards the end user, particularly children and young adults. Swiftclean provide effective safety-related maintenance specifically for educational establishments to ensure compliant ventilation and water systems. Areas of specific concern and importance are kitchen extract fire safety and legionella control in water systems.

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Patients and service users of healthcare establishments such as care homes, hospitals, dentists, health centres and other residential care facilities can be particularly vulnerable to air and water-borne diseases. In addition fire safety is a major concern.  Swiftclean can provide legionella control, dental water hygiene, ventilation system and ductwork cleaning, kitchen extract fire safety cleaning and fire damper testing. Stringent, effective and regular cleaning to industry guidelines can help to prevent fires spreading and the outbreak of Legionnaires Disease.

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Pubs & Restaurants

Swiftclean provide specialist compliance services for pubs and restaurants and understand the issues facing restaurant managers and chefs. Much of the work Swiftclean carries out can be done out of hours so that disruption to the revenue earning periods is avoided. Swiftclean can provide kitchen extract fire safety cleaning, food waste, fats, oils and grease management, and legionella control.

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Hotels & Stadiums

Swiftclean provide specialist building services compliance maintenance for hotels and stadiums including kitchen extract fire safety cleaning, ventilation system and duct cleaning, as well as legionella control services. Swiftclean have specialist knowledge of this sector which means our compliance personnel will always minimize disruption to the smooth operation of the hotel by carrying out most of the work at night with due consideration to the importance of hotel guest satisfaction.

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Shopping Centres

Running a retail destination presents a multitude of building services compliance challenges, some of which are highly specialised and are best carried out by an expert service provider. Swiftclean provide legionella control, kitchen extract fire safety cleaning, ventilation system and ductwork cleaning and the maintenance, testing and cleaning of fire dampers.

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Food Production

The UK food industry is the largest manufacturing sector in the UK and represents around 15% of the country’s total manufacturing output. Swiftclean understand the issues unique to food processing and provide you with a package of services that will help you to comply with both legislation and the stringent requirements of the major supermarket brands.

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Social Housing

Swiftclean’s social housing team focuses on the building services compliance needs of the sector, including; legionella control, communal extract system fire safety improvements, ventilation system and duct cleaning, water tank refurbishment, as well as water system cleaning and disinfection. We provide a one stop shop for all aspects of water and air hygiene in multi-occupancy residential buildings.

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Letting Agents

Private landlords and managing agents are now required, following improvements to the HSE guide, L8 – Legionnaire’s Disease the control of legionella bacteria in water systems, to demonstrate that water systems are clean and healthy. Swiftclean are one of the UK’s leading specialists in legionella prevention and control. Working closely with private landlords and managing agents Swiftclean help to ensure that private rental properties are demonstrably L8 compliant.

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Facilities Management for PFI Buildings

With a multitude of responsibilities, managers of PFI buildings can benefit from efficiencies and cost savings by taking on sub contractors who can offer packaged services on a contract basis. Swiftclean can offer a one-stop shop for key Health & Safety related services consistently and across the whole of the UK. Swiftclean also recognises the FM’s need for need for clear documentation and an audit trail and prides itself on providing detailed and helpful post clean reports via an online portal.

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Other Business Sectors

We cover all business sectors including, but not limited to: Retail, Offices, Golf Clubs, Leisure Centres, Airports, Rail Stations and MOD sites. If your business sector is not mentioned please contact us for technical advice as this list is not exhaustive. Swiftclean provide, expert compliance services which include; legionella control, kitchen extract fire safety cleaning, fire damper testing, and ventilation system and duct cleaning.

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